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Skill Training for School & Colleges

Why Skill training important for students?

The new policy focus on skill development has emerged a result of a combination of factors. The changing demographic profile of the country, with 54% of its population under 25 years of age, the rising aspirations of our youth who seek better jobs and higher incomes, and the growing requirements of industry for an efficient, well trained workforce – have contributed to a focus on skill development. Speed, Scale and Quality are the three driving themes of the Ministry’s efforts.
The Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship takes a multidimensional view of the term ‘skill’. ‘We recognise the fact that ‘skill’ has both intrinsic and instrumental value. Possessing a skill can be an end in itself – giving individuals greater self-confidence, self esteem and dignity, which results from the knowledge that they can stand on their own feet. A skill can also be a means to an end. It can a tool, which helps individuals realise their aspirations by pursing better jobs, leading to stable, sustainable livelihoods.

Skilling is a lifelong process. Hence, skill upgradation and reskilling are fundamental components of the skilling cycle. The Ministry also sees a close connection between skilling and entrepreneurship. We seek to create synergies between these two areas, so that our youth can aspire to being job seekers and job creators.